BACH-invention 14

Music Center
will take
your hand step by step
in an

enjoyable way
to become a
and learn the
you want!
“ Making music is good for the brain. ”

The ‘One-on-One’ Music Lessons

In one on one lessons students can progress at their own speed, enabling specialized instructors to design lessons based on their student’s needs, learning style, and personality.

Students are offered the chance to apply for the ABRSM exam system that takes place twice a year.

Lessons Durations: 30, 45 & 60 minutes. Click here for rules and regulations.

Group Music Lessons

Our professional teachers offer a 12 lesson course for each of the 8 grades leading to The official ABRSM exams in May and November.

Music therapy Lessons

iPlay musicenter is the first center to offer music therapy sessions for groups and individuals with different kinds of challenges (physical, mental, learning difficulties and behavioral problems ) to achieve non music goals such like a better Educational Achievement , more accepted behavior and a smooth self-expression.